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Network cabling and WIFI deployment

As part of a  move  or simply a  renovation  of the current network, you will need to review the network cabling of your premises. Network cabling is essential to the proper functioning of the business. If it is not adequate, it could cause  malfunctions  and above all  operational difficulties  if it is not correctly and sufficiently dimensioned. It is recommended to carry out a preliminary analysis of the building to correctly place the various sockets and visualize the passage of the cables as well as the organization of the patch bays. 

OPENTEAM also advises you on the installation of your bays and ensures  compliance  in terms of safety,  operability  and also suitability with air conditioning to guarantee long-term operation.

Our Wi-Fi cabling and deployment offers

Network cabling

Building audit and architecture definition, Deployment of copper and optical links, Installation of active equipment


Study of WIFI coverage, Deployment of WIFI terminals, Network configuration


Implementation of network switches, building interconnection, network security

WIFI, the wireless solution 

You also want to access the Internet and your  WiFi network . 

Our team will  carry out a Wifi coverage study  to define the necessary computer equipment and the optimal locations to install your terminals and will also be able to provide a configuration that will allow both the creation of restricted visitor Wifi access, secure access to your internal network and bandwidth control for optimal use of key functions.

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